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The Tri-State Region of Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts is just around 2 hours from New York City and Boston, and there you will find Country Living at its Finest. Close to multiple North Metro Train stations for easy access to and from NYC and a short drive to the Mass Pike. Home to some of the most beautiful Land Parcels and Real Estate in the Northeast. Full of culturally bountiful communities and well-protected conservation lands, forests, lakes, and streams. The region is home to many arts, music, and community festivals along with plenty of 4-season activities and events. Plus with an overabundance of organic farms and unique local shopping. The homes and prices are as diverse as the communities themselves with something to fit anyone’s budget, taste, and needs. Deciding on the ‘Town or Village’ in which to explore for available real estate may seem daunting with so many wonderful areas to choose from. 

Litchfield County

The Litchfield Hills of Connecticut

Litchfield county, located in the Northwestern corner of Connecticut is the picture New England charm. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail cross through Litchfield County’s pristine hills. The Housatonic River provides some of the best trout fishing in the East. While the county provides vacation homes and getaway opportunities for city-dwellers, Litchfield County provides is home for many residents who have cultivated this family environment with a many successful small businesses, strong schools, farmland, and rich cultural life.

Dutchess County

The Hudson Valley of New York

Dutchess County is located in southeastern New York State, between the Hudson River and the New York-Connecticut border. This New York county is home to vast natural beauty, a rich culinary and cultural scene, and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. Easily accessible by car or train, many of the county’s beautiful towns have provided a rich getaway for tourist and weekenders from New York City as well as wonderful home for all the permanent residents. Visitors and residents can enjoy hiking spots such as The Hudson Valley Rail Trail; eating farm-to-table cuisine both at home and in area restaurants; and the taking in the arts provided by the many galleries, music venues, and movie theaters.  

Berkshire County

The Berkshires of Massachusetts

Berkshire County sits in stunning the Berkshire Hills of southwest Massachusetts. Hikers, skiers, rock climbers, artists, and musicians alike are drawn to area for all the scenery, activities, and venues it has to offer. The area is home to many biodynamic and organic farms, renown farm-to-table dining, farmers’ markets, lively downtown streets of merchants, and a variety of beautiful homes for people enjoying in-town life or more rural living.

Columbia County

The Northern Hudson Valley of New York

With the Hudson River as its western border and the Taconic and Berkshire’s Taconic Range on its eastern border with miles of farmland in between, this County has a varied and beautiful terrain. Farmers are known for honoring the land, growing heirloom vegetables that make their way to the many acclaimed restaurants and family dinner tables. Bicyclists and hikers have miles of options to enjoy. Art, history, and cultural enthusiasts also can indulge in the rich scene. It is indeed a region that is pleasing to the senses and those who love adventure.

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