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Meet Elyse Mama Harney

Elyse Harney & her beloved Clarence

Elyse Harney

Business Woman Extraordinaire

Elyse Harney & her beloved Clarence

Elyse Harney established her Real Estate business in the family home in Salisbury, CT in 1987. It remains there today, occupying the front rooms in a beautiful historic Colonial just across the street from The Village Green. Although much has changed over the years, new Real Estate offices have opened in Norfolk and Riverton, Falls Village and Millerton, NY, Elyse Harney Real Estate retains the charm of a small, local business.

A Wonderful Life in the Litchfield Hills

Elyse & John: The Love Story Behind two Thriving Businesses

Before pursuing their ultimate passions in business, Elyse and her husband John enjoyed a life running hotels and restaurants since 1957. They were the well-known hosts of The White Hart Inn for many years, where John began serving blends of tea brewed in his basement. 

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The Harney Passion for Life

"One man's life touches so many others, when he's not there it leaves an awfully big hole"

More than forty years ago, John turned his love of fine teas into the thriving Harney & Sons Teas, based in Millerton, NY. Soon after, Elyse pursued her passion for pairing families with their dream homes. 

The Community Spirit

Litchfield County CT

A real passion for home, family, and connection.

The worlds of high tech and country living meet up each week in Elyse’s Country Journal, an email newsletter she sends to customers, past and present, clients, and city folk longing to visit – and possibly move to – the countryside. “People didn’t find out about our town’s neat events until the day they took place because their local paper didn’t list them until the weekend edition,” says Elyse. The Journal informs people of upcoming and recent past events in the Berkshires, Litchfield Hills, and the Hudson River Valley, such as town picnics, ski jump competitions, nature walks and hikes, art gallery openings, lectures on our rich history, plays and concerts.

Elyse Harney Morris

A family business of 2 generations

Years ago, Elyse Harney’s daughter, Elyse Morris, and her husband, Scott, both Cornell graduates, joined the agency, moving with their two young children to Salisbury from Bend, Oregon, where Scott Morris was general manager of Sunriver Resort, a facility of 4,200 condominiums and homes. Both are now brokers and owners of the family-run Real Estate business. Elyse Morris’s background is in sales and marketing in the resort and hospitality industries. Before moving East, she worked in sales and marketing representing the family-owned Harney & Sons Teas on the West Coast.

A Movie to Live By

Elyse's favorite movie of all time.

The name says it all. It is a wonderful life in the Litchfield Hills. No one knows it so well as our beloved Elyse. 

It's a wonderful life.

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