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Concert of The Ukrainian Chorus of New York Dumka and Moloda Dumka

A fundraiser for Ukraine hosted by United with Ukraine in Millerton
Proceeds will go towards Dumka Choir-directed efforts to help Ukraine via Ukrainian Central Bank.

It is very rare to have such an incredible opportunity to participate in a Benefit Concert for Ukraine with one of the most prestigious Choruses in NYC and in the country! Dumka plus their children Choir Moloda Dumka! They are coming to us all the way from the East Village in the city and it would be a shame to miss them!

We know that other news (mostly terrible) is a big distraction right now, and some people think that they have done enough for Ukraine. Please do not think so – thanks to your support we have hired psychotraumatologists in order to help the Ukrainian children and orphans who are displaced and showing the first signs of PTSD. Thanks to a special grant from Sunflower of Peace we are organizing workshops for teachers, caregivers, and Ukrainian mothers on how to help children with trauma. This is the most urgent way to make a difference for the displaced kids with their mothers and we are talking about 14 million people!

Among other things we are helping to pay for Safe Houses for the refugees and their room and board until the year-end; we are sponsoring 140 Ukrainian children in just one place in Poland on the Baltic Coast where 110 of them go every day to school with 300 Polish students. The school principal hired 3 Ukrainian teachers and pleaded with us for psychological help for the kids. Thanks to your help we delivered! And not only to them, but to hundreds more in Siedlce, Poznan, and Lviv.

We plead with you to come and help us one more time next Saturday and Sunday for an event with David Byrne! We need you!!! Remember our events at the RE Institute and at Troutbeck? We will try to make it even better! Saturday evening at 6 pm will be truly a magical night with Dumka and Moloda  Dumka! Come and join us!

Just see what the NYTimes wrote about their performance at Carnegie Hall among other superstars!

Carnegie Hall Musters Stars for a Benefit Concert for Ukraine

Headliners from the fields of classical music, jazz, and Broadway joined forces to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and show solidarity with its victims.



Jun 04 2022


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm



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Salisbury School Chapel


Salisbury School Chapel
Salisbury, CT
United With Ukraine Millerton


United With Ukraine Millerton
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