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White Hart Provisions: General Store Cafe

July 22nd, 2016


whprovisionsIn addition to offering incredible food and overnight accommodations, today the White Hart Inn debuted it’s latest coup: White Hart Provisions.

The general store cafe’s entrance from the White Hart’s Undermountain Road opens to a retro chic cafe with decadent drinks and a casual meal menu.  Family style seating and practical, yet unique, gift items invite conversation and a nostalgic feeling of the Inn’s historic days past.  “Penny Candy” is sold from jars along the shelves, silverware is kept in mason jars on the center of the tables, baristas serve homemade soda, and canvas tote bags are available for shopping – a perfect blend of chic simplicity that directly reflects the warmth of our community.

White Hart Provisions will be open daily from 7am-4pm.  Stop in to enjoy the Inn’s newest menu of delicious food and well-crafted cafe beverages.

Contact the White hart for more information: 860-435-0030


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