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March 26th, 2015


There is nothing quite like the taste of the pizza that you grow up eating as a child; it sets the bar for every slice thereafter.  Perhaps this is why the Grand Opening of Haystack Pizza in Norfolk, CT was so celebrated throughout the community this past week.  Facebook Newsfeeds have been flooded with announcements welcoming this new addition to town, flyers came home from school and it has been the “hot topic” at all local events.

Last night, I joined the masses and called in an order for take-out.  After waiting the standard 20 minutes, we paraded as a family to pick up our 2 pies – and it hit me.  The hype of having a local pizza parlor goes far beyond the food, even beyond the luxury of not having to cook dinner.  Local pizza represents a community-wide meeting place; a place that you will remember spending your hard earned coins as a child on an ice cream, somewhere to stop in for a quick beverage or speedy slice, a place that you are greeted by name, and even a resource for little league sporting events.

As we made our first visit to Haystack Pizza last night, the newly opened business felt strangely familiar, inviting and comfortable.  ‘Locals’ filled the booths while children excitedly greeted one another with the surprise.  The wait staff smiled upon our entry, knowing exactly which order we were there to pick-up even before arriving at the counter.  Friends and familiar faces exchanged understanding smirks, silently confirming that “Yup, we were curious too.”

The Tri-State Region is a compilation of numerous unique villages and home to several pizza parlors that are equally as distinctive.  Submerse yourself into the Litchfield Hills lifestyle by sampling slices throughout the region – you may not initially be greeted by name, but you will surely feel the welcoming warmth that blankets the Tri-State region.

Deano’s  Pizza– Lakeville, CT

Mizza’s Pizza – Lakeville, CT

Stateline Pizza – Canaan, CT

Roma’s Pizzeria – Canaan, CT

Haystack Pizza – Norfolk, CT

Baba Louie’s Sourdough Pizza – Great Barrington, MA

Four Brother’s Pizza Inn– Amenia, NY

Taro’s – Millerton, NY

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