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The Art of Beekeeping

February 26th, 2021

A honeybee colony is considered a superorganism, a single creature made up of many smaller creatures – a single colony will pollinate a 5-mile radius surrounding its hive!

Dan Carr, and his wife Marleen, operate Beavertides Farm, a sustainable livestock farm and apiary in Falls Village, Connecticut. Besides raising sheep, goats, and millions of honeybees, they teach classes in beekeeping and other homesteading-related topics. On Sunday, March 7th at 2pm they will teach the basics of starting and managing your own backyard beehive. This class, graciously arranged by the DM Hunt Library, will be attended via zoom with limited spaces available. Click here to save your space.

Follow Beavertides Farm on Instagram or Facebook for candid glimpses of their life on the farm. Always intriguing and beautifully unfiltered and inspiring!


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