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Quintessential Cuisine

January 3rd, 2018


The atmosphere in the tri-state region is similar to that of a diner: casual, friendly, whimsical, and inviting.

“I like it. It’s got that let’s-drown-ourselves-in-better-days type ambiance,” – Rebecca McNutt

Quintessential American Cuisine comes in the elongated shape of glistening stainless steel, swivel seat bar-stools, familiar faces… and often, a 24-hour menu.  New England is home to the first flurry of diners that decorate the country.  A creative blend of street food ambiance, restaurant refinement, and a casual atmosphere that culminate to provide a revolving door of community interaction.

Whimsically modest decor accurately represents the origin of hometown diners.  In 1872, Walter Scott’s horse-drawn “lunch-wagon” set the stage for simplistic eateries whose primary goals were comfort and convenience.  It wasn’t long before these “lunch-wagons” gained popularity and became influenced by the ease of streamline train pre-fabricated construction – therefore acquiring their notorious stainless steel appearance.

“Sure, there were a few more duct-taped tears in the vinyl seats, a few new dings in the fiberglass surfboards lining the walls, but the bacon was still crisp and pancakes were available twenty-four hours a day…” – Rob Thomas

Familiar faces and generous smiles embellish the natural beauty of the areas gorgeous mountaintops, glistening lakes and year-round outdoor recreation.  Appropriately nestled into the small hamlets of our revered region are condensed pockets that epitomize this nostalgic piece of history: our local diners.

EHRE Local Diner Favorites include:

Dad’s Diner – Copake, NY

Oakhurst Diner – Millerton, NY

The Neighborhood Diner – Great Barrington, MA

Toymaker – Falls Village, CT

Pop’s Diner – Canaan, CT


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