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“Built in 1775, I’m older than the United States…”

March 21st, 2016

Preservation Personals: Enjoy the Solitary Beauty of Rural New England Like J.D. Salinger

By:Filip Mazurczak

Home For Sale Salisbury CT EH3208

This home is available for Sale: EH3208

In the 1960s, J.D. Salinger—author of the perennial bestsellers The Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey—was looking for peaceful refuge from the fast-paced life of Manhattan. He found it in beautiful Cornish, New Hampshire. The splendor of rural New England was so liberating, peaceful, and fulfilling that he lived there until his death in 2010.

If Salinger’s bucolic retreat sounds like something you’ve been dreaming of, consider buying me. I am also in serene rural New England, in Salisbury, Connecticut, far from traffic jams, noise pollution, and petty crime. I am nestled right near the Taconic Mountains, so a hike in nature would be within your reach. Step onto the porch, and you will see postcard views of the Appalachian Trail. You say you like fishing and canoeing? There are six (six!) lakes in Salisbury.

Built in 1775, I’m older than the United States, although I’ve been adapted for the 21st century, with all the obligatory modern appliances. Yet I feature many well-preserved relics of a bygone era: a beehive oven, a wood burning fireplace, and a Calcutta marble island in the kitchen, among others. I come with a cottage in the yard where your guests can stay attached to a bluestone patio from which you can adore the surrounding beauty.

If the prospect of an escape from the big city rat race to New England’s rustic delights appeals to you, you can read more here andhere.

Home For Sale Salisbury CT EH3208Home For Sale Salisbury CT EH3208 cottage

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