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Once in a Blue Moon

October 30th, 2020

Only Once in a Blue Moon do we get to celebrate Halloween with the light of a blue moon shining brightly above. The phrase “Once in a Blue Moon” depicts the rarity of the second full moon in one month, which happens only once every three years.  This year, it is particularly unique that the blue moon will occur on Halloween night! Superstitions rumor that events during a blue moon will have a lasting effect. Picking flowers or berries under the light of a blue moon is believed to bring joy, love, and happiness into your life. 

As we enter a season of longer evenings, take time to enjoy the beautiful night skies and moonlight. The serenity of a clear starry night is unsurpassed.  November through January, The Mount in Lenox, MA will be hosting “Nightwood”, an outdoor light and sound experience that will immerse you into the beauty of the “fantastical winter landscape.”

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