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Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

February 21st, 2018

“Show me your horse and I will tell you what you are.”
-English Proverb

Horses were first domesticated over 4000 years ago, and since then humans have relied on horses for transportation, warfare, farm work, sports, recreation, and (more recently) various forms of therapy. Modern day Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT) dates back to the 1960’s, and includes a wide range of treatments that are implemented by practitioners such as Physical Therapists, Psychologists and Speech & Language Therapists.

EAT is available at countless equestrian centers throughout the country. One such center is the Not-for-Profit Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue in Dover Plains, NY. Opened in 2008, EAT is just one of the many programs offered by Lucky Orphans. Their main mission is to provide refuge to previously neglected, abused or unwanted horses. Their dedicated staff and volunteers rehabilitate the horses, and help foster relationships between humans and horses. There are about 20 full-time “residents” at Lucky Orphans who participate in a variety of programs that benefit not only the horses, but the human participants as well.

Lucky Orphans programs include Corporate Retreats, Therapy, Field Trips, Farm Tours, Riding Lessons, Special Programs and Community Events. They also have Volunteer training, and opportunities to be a horse Sponsor, and a Relocation Project which helps owners find new homes for their horses when necessary. For more information on the programs they offer, to become a volunteer, or to make a contribution to assist in their efforts, contact Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue at 845-877-0685 or visit their website.

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