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Litchfield Hills Letterboxing

August 8th, 2019

letterbox monster stamp JBIt’s all about the chase.  When hiking there is always a destination in mind – some remarkable reward at the end of the the trail.  However, the greater thrill of hiking is the continual quest for discovery along the way.  The little anomalies that lure us off the beaten path are what enliven our sense of adventure and keep us hot on the trail – a heart shaped rock, animal tracks, running water, scampering critters…

Geocaching is the ultimate outdoor treasure hunt – blending the beauty of hiking with puzzling clues to hidden treasures throughout the trails.  Also referred to as Letterboxing, it has become an increasingly popular pastime.  Hikers hide a waterproof box – containing a stamp, stamp pad, and guest book – near public hiking trails or landmarks and log its location on the respective venue’s website with clues as to where you’ll find it.

One cache-clue, found at Haystack Mountain in Norfolk, CT is described as, “To find the coordinates for the final cache you must first climb the tower and collect some information: A – The number of supports around the bottom of the roof (hint – more than 23) B – The number of stone columns at the top C – The date on the benchmark on the floor at the top of the tower D – The date the tower was built ( on stone in front) E – The number of steps (landings not included)…”

The solution to these riddles will give you the landmark or GPS coordinates that will lead you to your treasure – where you’ll exchange stamped images – leaving your unique print in the guest book and filling your “cache-port” of victories with the stamp you’ve discovered.

Remember the excitement of drawing those intricate ” ‘X’ marks the spot” diagrams as a child?  No one outgrows the need for adventure.  Explore New York’s, Connecticut’s & Massachusetts’ most scenic caches – rekindle your passion for the chase.

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