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Restoring Balance

September 5th, 2019

Swarms of dragonflies have recently created ephemeral evening displays throughout the Southern Berkshires.  After weeks of summer heat, sporadic September storms have brought welcomed cooler evenings – and an abundance of insects. Dragonflies, true to their revered totem, have proven their wisdom of transformation and adaptability over the past few weeks.  As summer storms have swept through the area, dragonflies have intuitively congregated in static swarms to restore balance.

Circling repeatedly in figure-eight patterns just above the vegetation line, each dragonfly consumes approximately 100 insects per day – mosquitos, beetles, wasps, moths, and flies!  Flying at speeds up to 30-mph and in swarms of hundreds, they create an erratic burst of energy while effectively restoring tranquility with their auspicious spirit.

Most people, including enthusiasts, observe fewer than a dozen dragonfly swarms during their lifetime.  Spend the remaining few weeks of summer amongst the ephemeral magic of the Litchfield Hills – where an inquisitive spirit and watchful eye can defy all odds, resulting in numerous unparalleled experiences.

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