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Land, They’re not making it anymore…

January 21st, 2021

Winter is an ideal time to explore the region. Exposed landscapes reveal the natural contour of a parcel’s topography as well as unencumbered glimpses of what lies beyond.  Wooded areas are brighter and the ground is more firm – these colder months glow with potential when navigating new ground.

The Litchfield Hills and Southern Berkshires are defined by their landscape; rolling farmland which generations have worked diligently to preserve. Large tracts of land, untouched terrain, unique vistas, and secluded hideaways await discovery.

Hike, cross-country, or snowshoe the tri-state terrain this season to find the ideal place to root your next creation.  Real estate is arguably the best long-term investment – an investment that can be enjoyed as it appreciates!   Browse land listings and reach out to one of our agents to begin planning your next country retreat.  We look forward to being your ambassador to the land, community, and lifestyle of the Berkshires.

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”
– Mark Twain –

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For over 32 years Elyse Harney Real Estate has been specializing in Beautiful Homes, Farms, Rentals, Land for Sale & Estates in the Tri-State Region of Northwest Connecticut, the Hudson Valley of New York, and the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. We proudly serve over 40 unique communities with Real Estate in Litchfield County, Berkshire County, & Dutchess & Columbia County‘s beautiful Hudson Valley Region.  Call or stop in at any one of our five offices to talk with our fantastic team of real estate agents.  We will be honored to work with you in finding the perfect home, at the right price, in the best location!