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July 12,1999- Elyse’s First Post

July 12th, 1999

Elyse’s Country Journal – July 12, 1999 – HarneyRE – Salisbury, CT

Salisbury and the surrounding communities of northwestern Connecticut offer a wide range of unparalleled opportunities. Please enjoy Elyse’s Country Journal, published weekly on Wednesday. Elyse’s hope is that it will help open up a new perspective of our area.

Salisbury offers the best programs for youth of any town in this area. Salisbury’s swim lessons and swim team programs are in full swing, free to children in this township. For information please call Art Wilkinson at 860-435-5186.

  • Montgomery Masonic Lodge is having their Second Annual Lobster Sale. The proceeds will support the lodges community support activities. For reservations, please call 860-435-9722.
  • ‘Grease’ performed by Tri-Arts Productions at the Sharon Playhouse is playing through the 18th. Excellent production, with lots of energy and drive. Call 860-364-SHOW. 
  • Mt. Riga Furnace, at the east end of South Pond, was built and operational in 1810. The purpose was to heat a mixture of iron ore, lime and charcoal to a temperature great enough to melt the iron. This liquid would be drawn off and allowed to cool, forming pig iron.
  • A rare view of the six new flat water kayaks at the Salisbury Town Grove, all privately donated. Participants must pass a swim test and kayaking course, then the kayaks can be checked out on a hourly basis, Monday thru Friday.
  • The demand has been excellent, as of today there are over 100 reservations for their use in the coming weeks. Again, please call Art Wilkinson at 435-5186 for more information.


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