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Hudson Valley Hues

March 6th, 2015
Norfolk, CT Sunset (March 2015)

“Pink sky at night – sailor’s delight.”

Pinkish hues have recently saturated many sunsets throughout the Litchfield Hills – leaving me to ponder the truthfulness of the sky’s color as an indicator of fair weather as I anxiously await the arrival of spring.  It turns out that there is a correlation between a pinkish night sky and mild weather in the near future.  The sunset that is seen in the east is a reflective mirage of the sun’s rays as it is setting in the west.  When the air is densely populated with dust and moisture particles, the reddish hues that are reflected become visible to the human eye and are indicative of high pressure, stable weather that will soon be headed eastward.

Color influences our daily lives; consciously through beliefs and choices and subconsciously via emotions.

Spring is a time of renewal.  Warmer temperatures and melting snow often create an urge to refresh our surroundings and homes.  A carefully chosen color scheme is a great way to dramatically affect the ambiance of a space.  It’s important to determine the purpose and desired energy of a given area prior to painting or decorating.  Are you looking to brighten the mood and engage in lively play?  Relax after a long day?  Entertain and converse? Fresh paint, both on the interior and exterior of your home, can quickly change the energy that it emits.  When choosing colors, consider how the psychological effects of each color may help you to achieve your goals.

  • Red, historically believed to be too powerful for widespread use, actually has many softer hues that are inviting and energizing.
  • Orange colors are similar to reds in that they are warm, but oranges have a more grounding effect that balances their playful nature.
  • Yellow subconsciously represents the enlivening power of sunshine and is best used in common spaces throughout a home that are filled with life, energy and activity.
  • Green is a balanced color, it can be both cozy and warm or refreshingly cool, and is best used as a grounding force in neutral spaces.
  • Blue is a cool color that is capable of creating a clean and soothing ambiance.
  • Violet hues have a calm, prestigious energy that can provide a rich feeling of warmth despite their cool properties.

Join the Berkshire Mountains in their rejuvenation to welcome spring.  Experiment with color to refresh your home’s personality with an energy that compliments the spirit and lifestyle of those who share these spaces.


Above Photo by Matthew Smyth, local interior designer.
Matthew Patrick Smyth Interior Design
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