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fiberflame craft studio “your creative home”

February 17th, 2018

Just about an hour’s drive west of downtown Lakeville, CT, in the Village of Saugerties, NY is fiberflame craft studio, a “walk-in, make-your-own mixed media craft studio.” fiberflame’s motto is “your creative home,” and they live up to it by offering crafters everything from beading to wood stamp printing. When you walk into fiberflame, you are met with a wall of blank canvases in every medium: pottery (vases, dishes, & figurines), canvas bags, wooden boxes, picture frames, jewelry supplies….almost anything you can think of. Once you choose your “canvas,” you get to peruse their incredible supply wall which offers everything you could image using to complete your craft: shells, tiles, paints, ribbons, beads, fabrics…the list goes on!

“So, how does this work” you ask? Well, fiberflame charges a flat $10 “Studio Fee,” plus the cost of the “canvas” you choose. “Canvas” prices range from $8 to $20 dollars and the “Studio Fee” covers your time, supplies and extras, like pottery firing. If fiberflame fires your pottery, you can pick it up within 7-10 days, or you can opt for them to ship it to you.

The best thing about fiberflame is that it is open to everyone, from the child with no experience, to the most experienced crafter. Their seasoned staff is available to help you through your entire experience. fiberflame is the perfect destination for families during the long days of winter, when cold weather excludes other activities, and it’s an experience that will create lasting memories. They also offer private studio time for Birthday Parties, Girls Night Out, or whatever occasion you want to create! Bonus: you can bring your own food & beverages to enjoy while you’re there!

For more information about everything they have to offer, visit http://www.fiberflamestudio.com/.

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