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Falls Village, CT | Litchfield County

June 5th, 2020

The dramatic, rocky cascade of the Housatonic River’s Great Falls earned the town of Falls Village its name despite initial efforts to refer to the town as “Canaan, CT”.  The influence of Falls Village’s closely-knit, creative community permeates the town. Toymaker Cafe is a popular breakfast and lunch stop that accepts payment in “paper (cash/check) or Motorcycle barter”.

When the gushing waters flow freely and when Great Fall’s underlayers of river rock are exposed from the water is being redirected through the nearby hydroelectric channel, the Falls are a year-round attraction just outside the village center.

The Falls Village Inn includes a full taproom and dining area, plus lodging – on the third Thursday of each month you can even join their Guitar Circle. To kick off Labor Day Weekend each year, Falls Village hosts a village party to welcome the Vintage Car Parade. Music Mountain is America’s oldest summer chamber music festival still attracting a crowd each season who enjoy the country backdrop while attending the performances.

Mohawk Trail, located off Route 7 at the junction of Johnson Road offers the excitement of a steep and rocky climb to one of the town’s most distant views over Lime Rock. You can also grab lunch at Mountainside Cafe at the base of the trail or carry it up with you to eat on the rocks at the trail’s summit.

Housatonic Valley Regional High School (“Housy”) serves the towns of Region 1 and is a community centerpiece that welcomes visitors to many Agricultural events such as Ag Open House, the Holiday Tree and Wreath Sale, as well as Art Displays and Theatre Productions. The Falls Village Children’s Theatre works with children of all ages to produce incredible productions that draw a vast audience and have committed participants in each session.

As with many small towns, the D.M. Hunt Library, located next to the town’s PK-8 Elementary School, is the village gathering place. The library in Falls Village hosts a wonderful story hour and other children’s programs that bring together families from many surrounding towns. The Hunt Library also hosts art openings, plant sales, community tag sales, and other events throughout the year.

Falls Village is a collaborative community, a place where the backdrop of possibilities is enhanced by a village that appreciates and embraces its resources. Falls Village has evolved since its days of being a popular stop along the Housatonic Railway in the mid 19th Century but remained true to its values and popularity – A quintessential village center offering arts, dining, outdoor recreation, and a community of people invested in the town.

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