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EHRE Summer Intern 2017

July 6th, 2017

Join us in welcoming Zoe to EHRE as our Summer Intern!
Having read our weekly newsletter since she was 12 years old and already well-versed in the local inventory,  Zoe joins our team this summer to share her skills and soak in even more of real estate business.

What’s it like growing up in the area?
Although my family lived in New York City for 8 years, we always had a country house in Litchfield County. After moving here full time, I had the choice of moving back to the city for high school, but I was set on staying local and living here until college.  There are so many great schools in the area.  I had friends here and it always felt like there was so much to do. My family has always loved this area and I feel fortunate to call this home.

What do you and your friends do for fun?
In my free time outside of school and sports, I enjoy spending my time in town – going to lunch with friends (there are lots of great local restaurants/cafes) or swimming at the lakes.   My favorite lake is Mudge Pond in Sharon. They have a 3-meter diving board and there are always other friends there no matter when you arrive.

If you have friends visiting from out of town, what do you consider to be a “must see”?
If I have friends visiting from out of town, a “must see” spot would be watching the sunset at Mohawk State Forest, which is also great mountain biking!  Even living here, there are still places I haven’t been and are still on my list.   Mount Riga in Salisbury has always sounded really cool and I have yet to go!  There are always new places to explore.   Even winter is fun.  We have the option of Skiing at Butternut, Catamount, or Mohawk.

When did you first become interested in real estate?
My interest in real estate began soon after my move to Connecticut, although not until recently did I feel that it could be something I would use as a career. Real estate is a really important aspect to this community because of our weekend population and all of the outdoor recreation. It’s rewarding because you can introduce new people to the area and gain friendships while doing so.  As I said, there are places that I still haven’t even been and I have grown up here.  Part of real estate is helping people to understand the area and find the right fit, which is really exciting.

What do you find most interesting about real estate in our piece of the world?
One thing I love about real estate in this area is how it shows you places you had no idea even existed.  There are always new areas to explore and every day is different.  I also love getting to interact with lots of new people.

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