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Educational Opportunities Abound

August 16th, 2017

Elfers Hall Hotchkiss School Lakeville CTThe Southern Berkshires, Litchfield Hills & Hudson Valley regions boast many exceptional educational opportunities which directly reflect our community’s talent and values for local and international students alike.

The strong support of our local and seasonal population fosters a rich, artistic influence further stimulated by our close proximity to world cultural centers such as New York City.  State-of-the-art facilities provide Musical, Visual, Performing, & Fine Arts events and instruction.  Both local and international students participate, creating unsurpassed opportunities for cultural exchange while promoting the development of innovative and diverse global connections.  A good example is the outstanding drama program at Housatonic Valley Regional High School with its multi-national cast which has been nominated for the CT High School Musical Drama Awards two years in a row.  Sharon Center School’s latest agricultural enrichment endeavor to promote the positive effect animals have on students through classroom pets, gardening projects, felting with wool, hatching chicks, and more.  Our communities throughout the area are united in their support of the schools and students, which is truly a gift.

Great value is placed on the preservation of the region’s natural beauty and agrarian origins through educational curriculums that encourage a thoughtful approach to land use and management.  Well-developed agricultural and environmental courses complement the current movement toward increased organic farming practices & an interdisciplinary approach to education. The Hotchkiss School (pictured) offers state-of-the-art academic, music, arts, and athletic facilities, as well as the 287-acre Fairfield Farm – where students manage land and animals and grow food for the dining hall.  Another example, the students at Millbrook School in New York have operated the Trevor Zoo, a nationally accredited facility devoted to habitat preservation and breeding of endangered species in captivity, since 1936!

Strong school systems are one of the greatest indicators of success.  A well-balanced mix of public and private school campuses throughout the Tri-State region provide a culturally rich climate with respect for our rural roots and an immense international appeal.

Photo: Elfers Hall at The Hotchkiss School overlooking Lakeville Lake and the school’s 9-hole golf course

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