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The Coffee Shop
The Great Winter Outing

January 12th, 2022

Frosty January mornings can send us cowering beneath blankets, content to stay indoors to avoid the bitter winds outside. However, for those of us who have begun to feel the first itch of cabin fever, a comforting reward beckons us to brave the winter cold.  

Coffee shops are a characteristic sight around the towns of this region. No two are the same. Each shop brings its own charm and aesthetic to meandering visitors the stumble upon it. From your first steps through the door, these locally-owned shops greet you with the smell of freshly ground beans and a familiar Spotify playlist. For those who shy away from the bitter taste of java, Harney & Son’s Tea is the perfect and of course our favorite alternative.

Beyond the lure of the steaming cup, our local coffeehouses are our home away from home. From a solo seat by the window or at a table across from new friends, or taking a moment to enjoy a hot drink and savor the comfort of longheld companionship. The familiar sight of a remote worker enjoying the jittery rush of an americano while their fingers fly across a keyboard, the sound of “tap-tap-tap” filtering through the soft music that floats through the air. A sudden gust of cold air may brush against your face as a gaggle of people rushes in, unwilling to forgo that favorite morning drink. 

Whether we are seeking a moment of respite or a quiet place to work, our local coffee shops bring both to our community. They offer a place to slow down and take a moment for ourselves, savoring the taste of an excellent brew while enjoying the life we have carved tucked away in the hills.

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”

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