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Cider or Juice?

September 16th, 2020

apple-picking2In the 18th century, the average Massachusetts resident drank 35 gallons of apple cider each year.  Today, Massachusetts is one of the few states that has adopted guidelines to define what constitutes a cider versus a juice.  Due to our passionate history with cider, most New Englanders intuitively know the difference between the robust earthy taste of a cider and that of a purified, sweeter tasting juice.

Apple picking is a tradition in which we join together in celebration each year – welcoming the changing of seasons and gathering the gifts of a warm summer that has continued to grow sweeter with time.  The Southern Berkshires are decorated with orchards that allow us to forage in search of the perfect peck.

Some of our favorite Tri-State Pick-Your-Own Farms include:

Ellsworth Hill Orchards – Sharon, CT

Thompson-Finch Farm – Ancram, NY

Moon in the Pond Farm – Sheffield, MA

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