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Cherishing the Season
with the Sinterklaas Festival

November 29th, 2021

It’s that time of year again. Another year begins to close, and the first touches of frost have brought out our puffiest parkas and coziest sweaters. The smell of hot cocoa and peppermint drift from our favorite cups, and twinkling lights now greet us on our drives home. As we transition from days frolicking in fallin’ leaves to nights curled by toasty fires, we look upon the celebratory nature that is the month of December.

The Holiday Season is drawing closer with each shortening day, and with every new tree glistening through a window, we rediscover the joy and reverence of this most precious season. With the now coming of snow and the holidays, a remarkable transition reimagines our favorite hollowed grounds with the new white lights that now brighten our streets, the garlands of holly that now twist around our lamp posts, and the lighting of town, village, and even big-city trees, we are reminded of how magical our traditions can be.

Nothing speaks to tradition more than the Annual Sinterklaas Festival in Rhinebeck, New York. Every year, this special festival lights up the dark, and children of all ages are transformed into Kings and Queens through an astonishing mixture of music, dance, and daring performance. The festival of Sinterklaas is over 300 years old, brought to our region by Dutch settlers who were eager to bring a piece of home with them to a new land. Thanks to these ghosts of times passed, Sinterklaas, the patron of children and sailors, still rides through the town of Rhinebeck, visiting the children of the Hudson Valley and beyond with sweet reminders of the joy of togetherness. With our neighbors, friends, and families, we gather to celebrate our stories, our children, and our futures.

Sinterklaas occurs on the 1st Saturday of December. Festivities begin early with the Bear Beauty Contest and Crowns and Branches workshop starting at 10 am. Ceremonies, music, performances, and crafts guarantee a family-friendly outing that is sure to tire out even the most energetic, young ones. Don’t forget to stick around for the crowning moment of the event, when the spectacular Children’s Starlight Parade kicks off at 6 pm, and giant puppets will meander through the village streets creating not-to-be-missed moments of sheer Christmas joy. Participation is highly encouraged!

For our new friends and families who are new to this region, we continue to extend a very warm welcome. December is the perfect time to experience the magic of living here in the Tri-State Region, and we welcome you to join these festivities and all the celebrations of this joyous holiday season. Ho

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