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Spring’s Tonic

March 3rd, 2016

Sap Tap

Maple sap is winter’s reward for patience throughout Mother Nature’s coldest months of the year.  Sap begins to run from trees when temperatures dip below freezing at night and are followed by day time temps above freezing.  This year’s weather has been a mosaic of unpredictability – yielding an early arrival of the sugaring season.

Maple Syrup has recently gained momentum in earning a “superfood” reputation due to its antioxidant and polyphenol compounds that are linked to innumerable health benefits.  An added bonus to an already sweet treat are maple sugar’s anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and blood sugar regulatory properties.

Native Americans, as well as many Asian cultures, have ancient customs that include the consumption of maple sap as a natural spring tonic.  It’s sweet, watery composition is rich in minerals and said to naturally revitalize the body in the same way that its influx of nutrients awakens a tree from winter dormancy.  In South Korea, maple sap is such a delicacy that some communities join together each spring to reap the health benefits of maple water by consuming 5 gallons of maple sap in one sitting!

“In South Korea, Drinks are on the Maple Tree” by Shoe Sang-Hun (Hadong Journal)

In addition to the health benefits associated with maple water and syrup, the process of sap collection is a treat in itself.  Planning, Harvesting and Enjoying the sap that runs freely throughout the Litchfield Hills, Hudson Valley and Berkshires is a quintessential pastime that embraces our community’s love of a year-round active lifestyle.

Upcoming Sugaring Events and Public Sugar Shacks

featured below: Jody Bronson of Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk, CT

8883606_orig great-mountain-forest-sugar-shack



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