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The Berkshires seemed dreamlike…

December 13th, 2017

“The Berkshires seemed dreamlike on account of the frosting…”
James Taylor

Just as each snowflake is laced by the breeze, we are shaped by the beauty of our journey.  The Berkshire holiday spirit has been amplified by recent snowfall.  Holiday trees wrapped with lights glisten brighter throughout our villages, snowmen and hilltops bespeak youthfulness across our lawns, and the local ski areas have announced this weekend’s opening.  Winter is here and there is no place more beautiful to embrace the adventure of your journey.

While all snowflakes have six sides, it is unlikely that any two crystals are exactly the same.  Each flake that touches the earth arrives beautifully woven into a hexagonal lattice that is representative of its journey.  At the center of each snowflake is an icy nucleus, the original ice crystal that had formed inside the clouds.  As this frozen droplet falls freely to the ground, it sways through crisp air, continually taking new shape as atmospheric water vapor attaches itself in the formation of new ice crystals.

Soak in the tri-state region’s panoramic vistas, by snowshoeing, cross-country or downhill skiing throughout our gorgeous mountaintops.

Catamount SkiSki Butternut, Mohawk Mountain


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