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An “On Demand” Market

December 29th, 2015



As Millennials begin to seek home-ownership, they come equipped with a lifetime of experience in having abundant information available on demand – and a heightened ability to quickly filter through listings of interest.  Due to this trend, professional real estate agents have become especially crucial in helping Sellers effectively market their home.

Developing a wholesome marketing plan that addresses the expectations of today’s buyers requires a multi-faceted approach – photography, pricing and strategic exposure are pivotal factors in planning a strong entrance into the real estate market.

It has been found that listings with photos taken by professionals receive up to 61% more web views than those without strong imaging.  Culturally we have continuously increased our reliance on mobile devices.  This shift, paired with the plethora of knowledge that is constantly available to potential Buyers demands strong images that leave a lasting impression.  Similarly, consistent follow-through once a viewer is intrigued is equally as important to bringing them to make the next step in contacting an agent.

With public data at our fingertips, proper pricing is more important than ever.  Before a Buyer even contacts a Real Estate professional, they are often familiar with the market inventory – and questioning the financial outliers.  “Testing the market” or creating a negotiation buffer is a thing of the past.  Overpricing or repeated price reductions increases a home’s days-on-market and risks losing credibility and attention.

Just as each Buyer has its own personality, so does each home.  Agents work at the forefront of Buyers’ and Sellers’ needs day-in and day-out – and fully understand where each individual home will receive the most effective market exposure. Powerful & deliberate marketing yields dramatic exposure and prolonged interest through local, printed, web-based, and social media advertising.

In an era that seems to have become increasingly casual, it is ironic, but first impressions are now more important than ever.  Abundant information paired with our expedited lifestyles means that we often only have one shot to leave a lasting impression – real estate follows suit.

(Printed in Main Street Magazine, January 2016)

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